EvnaR was first concieved in the minds of blood brothers J.M (Between The Frost) and R.M (ex Between The Frost) in early 90s, when extreme metal was becoming an obscure wild beast, giving birth to the most symbolic and representative creations of the genre.


As a result of their misanthropy and incomprehension meaning becoming part of the underground Death and Black Metal scene, their motivation made them join different bands on guitars and vocals. In late 1993 Between The Frost was formed with the two brothers as active members.

In 2010, R.M (vocals) left the band, with a whole load of recordings, live shows and many lasting memories behind him. From that moment, the brothers took up the legacy and feeling coming from early days and started to write new music. As soon as they decide to capture this work into a full length album, Slovenian drummer Robert Kovačič is recruited, an old friend and recognised extreme metal musician known for his work with bands such as Scaffold, Belphegor, Nothnegal, Supreme Pain, Fondlecorpse, Obduktion or Necrosed. He becomes a key component and provides the required technique and brutality to fill every composition.

After two years and a great deal of work, eight tracks of Black Death Metal with no boundaries make up their first album entitled "E.V.N.A.R.", mastered at Necromorbus Studio in Sweden by Tore Stjerna. This debut sees the light in May 2016 through The Vinyl Division.

The band´s logo is designed by American vocalist and visual artist Mike Hrubovcak from Visual Darkness.