Theudho is an Belgian old band, founded around the turn of the millennium and now presents its fifth full-length album of epic and melodic black/pagan metal! Previously a full band four-piece, the band now returns with this new album as a one-man incarnation by main member J.S. only, and has come up with easily the bands' strongest output in its history. A huge progression in terms of songwriting is the first thing that will catch your attention. Tracks like "Saksenslacht" are monumentally epic and bombastic, with a focus on memorable melodies. The top notch songwriting is completed with well written guitar solos (a rare thing these days!) and atmospheric clean guitars. 

Belgium has a small but dedicated history of pagan black metal. Bands like Ancient Rites and Heimat have both released truly sincere and honest traditional and folkish themed music, and Theudho is easily among the best the country has to offer right now. 

Recorded and mixed by the band themselves, then mastered by Dan Swanö in Sweden, the album is released on four formats simultaneously (with different bonus tracks for each format). Recommend to fanatics of Bathory, Countess, Graveland, Falkenbach. 



THEUDHO - De Roep Van Het Woud (LP)

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